Jeanne Suzan Rouse


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Jeanne Suzan Rouse
About the author

I began my drawing in New Orleans, on Jackson Square when I was 19, drawing portraits for free to get experience at first, later selling them as I got better. Later I went to The Maryland Institute of Art,where I received a BFA and then a MAT in teaching k-12. I taught art for a little while meanwhile taking courses in printmaking. Now I am painting almost full time, have won a Rubins Grant to continue my work and have had many shows in the Baltimore Washington area. I am a former member of Washington Printmakers. My work is about people who I am close to and my surroundings-the beauty of the Maryland area, the little intimate courtyards, the sidewalks, the faces, the areas that make my home my home to me. I do monoprints, acrylics, etchings. watercolors.