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Kelly Burke
About the author

When I had the opportunity to live abroad in Germany, I started studying drawing and painting seriously. I first worked with Mira O'Brien at the Berlin Drawing Room (http://berlindrawingroom.blogspot.de) I also studied with Klemens Wuttke in Nuremberg at his Atelier Eins (http://www.atelier-wuttke.de) Since returning to the States, I have continued to study drawing and painting in my spare time at MICA, the Schuler School of Fine Arts, and the Mitchell School of Fine Arts. I have a love for doing animal portraits, have done an array of abstract art, and also do political-conceptual work. My studio is in Baltimore, Maryland. My political-conceptual artworks re-imagine the American Flag in political ways. Following the red, white, and blue structure of the original US flag, I embed 198 flags from around the world and the words ALL LIVES MATTER within its stripes. Integrating the world’s flags within its stripes both symbolizes our nation’s internal diversity and criticizes its xenophobia. I have created a key in collage format that shows the countries behind the flags represented in the ALM flag. For I believe that we are more than just red, white and blue for we are made up of people from all the nations of the world.