Kevin Johnson


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Kevin Johnson
About the author

I am so excited for this opportunity. I am working mainly on two projects right now. I work with my wife under the name clamdiggin. We paint large scale murals, art and patterns ignited by our belief that nature and a discourse with her should appear in more main stream media outlets, so it is an everyday discussion and has a place in the pop culture story. I also write and draw my dreams down daily. I notice often that the imagery in my dreams is also heavily nature inspired. Tying this in with my degree in Biology which I was also attracted to I am left with no choice but to capture and share the steward of the land responsibility in my imagination and in my everyday field journals and hope to ignite that passion in any viewer that walks by our pieces in your embassies. We always emphasize that we are American Artists. Many poeple try to make us romantic about other lands but America has our hearts and is in every piece of art we make. Recent commission of field journal by Wolfgang Puck can be seen in Beverly Hills.