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Lynn Doyal
About the author

Hand stitching and beading, oil and acrylic paint, all done on canvas bring my images to life in an innovative way. Fun is an essential ingredient in my motivation to create. It is fun to make creative choices and decisions. For me, fun is exploring the visual answers to my question “What if . . . ?” The techniques I use to render my images requires countless creative decisions because the execution of the ideas is a slow process as I hand stitch every bead and thread in place and consider how I want to address color, texture and depth into my images. The end result is a delightful marriage of contemporary design rendered in an old school style. I approach every one of my images with the idea of it being fun and surprising to create as well as fun, surprising, and engaging for the viewer to experience. The hand crafted detail of my original work invites the viewer into an intimate experience as the details are best seen up close. Digital scans allow for an expanded image size of 48” x 72” or larger and the viewer experience is then more abstract and dramatic. My combination of image, technique, and materials is distinctive and causes people to talk about what they are seeing because there is nothing like it. I have lived in Boca Raton, Florida since 1986. I am a native Floridian born in Miami. My family lived in Coral Gables and when I was 14 my family moved to Ft. Lauderdale. I received my degree in Fine Art from the University of South Florida in 1979, and put my paint brushes down in favor of working in a corporate capacity. I worked for Exxon in New York City and transferred back to Florida with Exxon three years later. I left Exxon to work for Xerox and after 3 years left to start my own company – Signature Chocolates – which specialized in providing premiums and incentives for corporations, hotels and cruise lines. After raising our family of three daughters the time was right to resume my creative endeavors and I started developing my first collection of work in 2009. I have been exhibiting in festivals, shows, and galleries since 2011.