Luz Figueroa


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Luz Figueroa
About the author

orn in Caracas, Venezuela, Currently she lives in the United States three years ago. She graduated from the School Of Arts Arorn in Caracas, Venezuela, She graduated from the School Of Arts Arturo Michelena and Technical Colleges in Graphic Design. She was an active member of the AVAP Venezuelan Association of Artists. She has participated in several exhibitions and group exhibitions in different regions of the Country. She won first prize in the Place National Exhibition Monumental de Valencia was selected to participate in the II MEGA NATIONAL EXHIBITION in HOMAGE TO JESUS ??SOTO, in the Museum The Prints and Design Carlos Cruz-Diez, won the HONORÍCA mention Salón CABRIALES 2007. The layout path of this young emerging artist born, its route will depend on the momentum we suspect, and has the force of a powerful and swollen river. Marisol Pradas.