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Lucas Kolasa
About the author

I am Lucas James Xavier Kolasa. I work in sculpture, oil, acrylic and experieramental painting, ink, oil and soft pastel drawing, video art and music. My work has shown in many galleries and Museums in the USA and has been viewed internationally as well. To name a few: C. Francais Gallery, MGM Grand, New Port Art Museum, AlBright Knox Museum, Warwick Art Museum, among many others. My work has also been seen on television, including PBS. I am an avid volunteer. I work for free in the soup kitchen, 2 radio stations, the Aperion Group, Peace One Day (U.N. approved), Waterfire, and I also help planting trees, and rebuilding parks and playgrounds. I have also been honored by the Red Cross for the amount of lives that were saved because of the amount of blood I have donated in my life so far.. and the number is growing. They said over 30 lives so far. And I continue to donate blood as often as I can. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any specific questions. It asked me for a biography with a maximum 750 words. My life cannot be described that quickly. I am sure you can relate.