Lynn Patron


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Lynn Patron
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Lynn Patron Lynn Patron was born in Waterbury, Conn. and is a resident of Miami Beach, Florida. She has art studios in Miami Beach, Florida and Great Falls, Virginia. Background: The Lowe Museum The Art League Metropolitan Museum of Art Montoya's Art Studio The Bass Museum Corcoran Museum of Art Affiliations: The Art League, Alexandria, Va. Charities: Best Buddies International Sculptures: Reflects an expressionistic interpretation and creative handling of nature and the human form Paintings: Lynn Patron is known as a colorist. Her adaptation of sculptural intuitiveness creates an imaginative nuanced interpretation of subject matter that is reflected by her lineal, flat, crisp, and clean style. Creatively her painting suggests a subtle, but refined exaggeration of the realistic form that expresses its temporal fragility. Mixed Media: Contemporary interpretations of nature and the figure. Solo Exhibitions: Gallery Blue Marin-Price Galleries Mason Hall Atrium Gallery at George Mason University Exhibitions: Russian Embassy, Washington, D.C. Borders Art Gallery Marin-Price Galleries Rio Fine Arts Gracie Lawrence Gallery Montoya's Art Gallery NIH University of Michigan Gifts of Art at the University of Michigan Health Hospitals and Health Centers John Matthew Moore Fine Art Galleries: Gallery Blue Gallery at Merchant Square 2010 Shows Gallery Blue Lynn Patron's Paintings and sculptures are in private collections throughout the United States.