Lisa Whittington


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Lisa Whittington
About the author

Lisa Whittington’s art is a narrative experience in which she documents the African American experience, her life, and/or expresses herself in an abstract language. Sometimes it is a combination of all three. Her culture and her life serve as her muses. Lisa Whittington is an intuitive artist versatile in acrylic, collage, and oil. Her work stems from political to poetic and abstract. Lisa is known for being a game changer. Her words and her artwork indirectly helped to diffuse a protest and shift the culture of the Whitney Biennial (Article: NBC News “#MuseumsSoWhite: Black Pain and Why Painting Emmett Till Matters). She has also had a feature in several other magazines and blogs as well as House Beautiful magazine. Lisa’s other creative expertise and passion is teaching and coaching young artists to become brilliant creators. She has over 25 years experience in public school and Higher Education. She resides in Atlanta but is a native New Yorker. She credits teaching with making her a better artist.