Marilyn Biles


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Marilyn Biles
About the author

As life often does, the life of Marilyn Biles has come full circle since her life as a fashion illustration student at Moore College of art in Philadelphia. Inspiration comes from her inner feelings and life experiences. Her daily practice of meditation brings her out of her comfort zone and facilitates improvisational healing spaces that appear in and beyond the surface of her paintings. That is where change happens and by way of form and color takes her to another dimension where words cannot. The specific emotions and memories may be personal but also may be experienced by viewers who choose to contemplate the work from a place inspired by their own experiences. Every painting is a new research project done in the unproved present creating symbols from experiences that express herself as she contacts and is inspired by the world. Unselfconsciously, she is exposing her inner life to others whose tastes and opinions are different but nevertheless as valid as her own. Art is life and can bring beauty, insight and purpose to transform and touch everyone who views her work.