Mary Burge


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Mary Burge
About the author

I grew up in Mississippi, a place where eccentricity and fundamentalism were appreciated in equal measure. In 2003 I received my B.A. in studio art from the University of Texas at Austin, specializing in photography and video, with minors in Spanish and Technology, Literacy and Culture. After graduating, I lived in Europe and New York City, working a multitude of jobs in the photo industry. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA. My work is concerned with the relationship we in a contemporary culture have with our digital or mediated double. From online profiles to home videos to long distance relationships via Skype, this spectacular “other” has become a combination of reality, fiction, and visual subversion that heightens the separation between one's personal and one's public sense of self. It creates a hybrid cognizance of the world in which we live that is no longer surprising or shocking. My interest lies in not simply accepting the natural disjointedness of Baudrillard's atemporal world, but in creating unique, direct experiences despite this penchant for simulation endemic to postmodernism. My first love was reportage photography, but now my practice has expanded to include performance, video, sound, installation, and digital media. I explore the uncomfortable relationships between the public and the private spheres, the nature of documentation, questions of authorship, and falsified intimacy.