Mason Holcomb


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Mason Holcomb
About the author

Hello, my name is Mason Holcomb. I am a student. I am an executive director. I am an artist. I am currently the Executive Director of Mountain Valley Arts Council. In the past I have worked on political campaigns, corporate marketing plans, and other numerous art oriented projects. At the same time, I am also a practicing artist that focuses on differing tangents of ideas to shrug a consistent design language and instead focus on providing audiences with a fully expressed concept concept. Since my early childhood, I have always been the one in the corner sketching or jotting down ideas that spark my creativity, and because of that my life is full of nostalgia. I am constantly looking backwards to tap into both the joy and sorrow I have experienced throughout my life. As humans, our past defines who we are, but it doesn’t trap us in a realm of repeated histories. In fact, art allows us traverse across space and time to expose us to emotions that transcend our lives and into the lives of those around us.