Oksana Prokopenko


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Oksana Prokopenko
About the author

Oksana Prokopenko's works have been acquired into the permanent collections of museums in the USA (Museum of Russian Art) and Italy (Siena Art Institute). Born in the Ukraine, Prokopenko now lives and works in New York City. Educated in the US at NYU and the Ukraine, she creates oil paintings as well as micro-mosaics from tiny pieces of glass. Prokopenko is interested in the process of painting, the texture of various mediums on the canvas, the created play of light and shadow that is unique to each work. Her inspiration comes from a multitude of sources, including poetry and human search for happiness, sand dunes and deserts, dried river beds and fractals in nature, space photos of nebulas and solar flares. Prokopenko is in pursuit of wordless revelations, soul whispers, light filled vistas, an she seeks to put them on canvas, to capture the mystery that underlies the everyday existence.