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Paul Gray
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I have enjoyed photography since receiving my first 35mm camera at age 16. That was quite a few years ago and it is still a passion in my life. During the past year I have started to promote my photography again and I have been gratified with the acceptance I have received. Over my early adult years I was content to be the family photo-archivist. After my children left home, I began to promote and incorporate other areas into my photography. I was, by my standards, fairly successful. I then took another sabbatical to again be the family photo-archivist with the next generation – grandchildren. Now that everyone has a camera/phone and the grandchildren are, for the most part, semi-grown archiving has become distributed. When asked what kind of photography I do, I am never sure exactly how to answer. I enjoy a variety of subjects: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Seascapes, Architecture, Children, Still life, Nature, Flora, Birds, and Wildlife. Its really never been as important what I photograph, but how I approach the subject. Each one entails different technical, artistic, and emotional considerations. But, I always leave room for serendipity. Through the use of light, patterns, form and personal perception my goal is to capture the beauty and magic I see around me.