Paul Pino


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Paul Pino
About the author

Paulapart (Paul Pino) is an acoustic sculpture and BFA candidate in sculpture at the University of Florida. He has shown extensively, averaging a dozen shows a year for the past three years while studying in Gainesville, FL. He has worked closely with Sergio Vega, Celeste Roberge, Dr. James Paul Sain, and Dr. Paul Koonce at UF. He was the proud recipient of an HHMI Science for Life grant in 2010 for the construction of a series of unique spiral-shaped loudspeakers. These speakers are the core of his work; they are the instruments with which he creates acoustic site-specific installations. Their remarkable forms work to shape the sound as it is played, putting a distinct twist on sound playback. These properties pave the way to a series of solo and collaborative musical compositions designed especially for the frequency response of the individual speakers.