Ruth Andre


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Ruth Andre
About the author

I live in the back country of northern California. The landscape that surrounds me has become the inspiration for my abstract paintings. The seasons change and nature's palette travels from dark greens in spring to golds in summer and finally to white in winter. Each painting brings to the canvas the essence and the interpretation of the landscape that I pass through daily. My work has been an awakening, revealing the inner spirit of my heart. The paint moves from palette knife to canvas releasing the paint to tell its own story. My hand holds the energy from within as the mixing of paint colors ignite and nature's beauty emerges. I studied art and design at CSULB as well as printmaking at Otis/Parsons Art Institute. Printmaking, fiber sculpture and graphic design are all part of who I am, but paintings is my true love. I look to my previous careers as very important , since they were a molding of different mediums that formed what I do today.