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Reggie Davis
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Reggie Davis (415) 261-2317 rdavis6560@gmail.com reggiedavis.crevado.com instagram.com/rdavis6560/ Reggie Davis is a self-taught visual, green artist, of color working in the mediums of recycled photo collage, montage, and assemblage., Reggie also works in found object sculpturing; Creating works of art that provides spiritual nourishment, enlightenment and moments of introspection. EXHIBITIONS 01/2018 (forthcoming )Black Creativity Juried Exhibition Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, Ill 11/2017 Curran Theatre Commission 2D Sculpture for upcoming performance of “Bright Star” San Francisco, CA 10/2017 ArtSpan Art In Neighborhoods Exhibit The Mosser Hotel San Francisco, CA 8/2017 Nightlight: Multimedia & Performance Festival SOMArts San Francisco, CA 7/2017 Reimagine: The Art Behind up cycling. SOMArts. San Francisco, CA 8/2017 Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition “Recycle” Sculpture Exhibition Brooklyn, NY 4/2017 Marin Artist Society. “National Sculpture Day” Exhibition San Rafael, CA 1/2017 Rayko Photo Center Instagram Show: Post Presence San Francisco, CA 9/2016 Exposure: Photographic tales from the tenderloin. Tenderloin Museum San Francisco, CA AWARDS 2017Bombay sapphire artisan series. Regional semi-finalists, CA 2016 International Photography Awards. Honorable Mention. Advertising: Fashion PUBLICATIONS 11/2017 (forthcoming) Trend Prive Magazine 11/2017 ) I-mirage Magazine 11/2017 (forthcoming) A5 Contemporary Art&Design Magazine 11/2017 (forthcoming) Alionic Magazine 11/2017 (forthcoming) Barking Sycamores Literary Journal of Neurodivergent Literature and it’s Craft 10/2017 Wotisart Magazine 10/2017 Aesthetica Magazine 08/2017 Art Reveal Magazine Issue 32 08/2017 The Scene ; Heard Journal “The Reclamation of Utilitarian Icons” As a self-taught visual artist I've also been interested in the transformative, healing power of art. The transformative process that as a student of esoterica, I see as a metaphor for mental alchemy. Changing our experience of reality through the creative process that expands our intuitions, and offers us greater Illumination into our own self-mastery. Along with the discovery of new aesthetics. For me the “Art of transformation”, comes through working with 2D, recycled, sourced imagery and other ephemera; including 3D sculptural materials. Altering the objects content, modifying the utilitarian meaning while retaining aspects of its conceptual purpose and history. For the sculptures each archetypal open-framework figurative symbolizes an active return to the body like our bodies provide structure and stability, containing the potential for emotional connection, containment and release. Archetypal, open-framework figurative’s that the viewer activates by their story; fill with their own personal iconography. The majority of my figurative’s are based on what has been called, in want of a better word “African Primitivism”. Utilizing “primitivism” compositional devices, its sophisticated approach to the abstraction of the human form. Works inspired by religious ideals and spiritual experiences. Works that are unselfconscious as art and where a great amount of mechanical craftsmanship is still required. Primitivism also allows for the creation of a visual study of the inner connections between various realms of our social-cultural reality; focuses on cultural diaspora and the drift of “primitivist” art into contemporary art.