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Robert Krawczyk
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I am a lifelong resident of the Chicago area. My family immigrated for Poland shortly after World War II, my father worked as a metal spinner, an incredible craftsman. I was the first college graduate in my family, graduating from the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Architecture. In the 1970’s I pioneered digital graphic applications in the architectural office of Murphy/Jahn in Chicago for eight years under design partners Gene Summers and Helmut Jahn. After leaving Murphy/Jahn I started a computer consulting firm and began teaching digital design applications. Over the last fifteen years, I have been able to apply my education and work experience to my artwork. My research into digital methods in the disciplines of science, mathematics, architecture, art, and technology is published and presented internationally in the form of prints, web pieces, sculptural, and architectural studies presented in a body of work spanning over one hundred exhibitions and thirty-seven conference papers. Highlights of my digital artwork include SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery and its International Traveling Art Show, the SIGGRAPH 2003 Art Gallery, the 2004 Rockford Midwestern Exhibition, the Chicago ArtFutura Exhibition of American Art 2005 and 2006, and the Chicago Sculpture International’s 2006, 2008,and 2010 Biennials; the Chicago ArtLoop Open 2010. The Rockford and ArtFutura exhibits were curated by James Rondeau of the Art Institute of Chicago. Conferences have included: American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) Annual Meeting 2013; Wolfram's New Kind of Science; multiple Bridges Conference, Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science; Conference of The International Society of The Arts, Mathematics and Architecture; Generative Art and Mathematics & Design. Currently, I am a Professor in the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago focusing on digital craftsmanship. During my thirty-one years at IIT, I have developed and taught a series of computer-aided design and digital design courses covering 2D and 3D CAD, image composition, animation, and form generation methods. In addition to teaching I am also the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and an advisor in the PhD and Master’s programs on form generation and other related digital design methods. In 2009, Princeton Architectural Press published a textbook based on my form generation course as "The Codewriting Workbook: Creating Computational Architecture in AutoLISP"; and ACADIA, the Association of Computer-Aided Design in Architecture, awarded me the 2010 ACADIA Award for Teaching Excellence. I was also the founding Gallery Director for art @ IIT, a campus gallery with a focus on the art of technology. Over a period a three years, I have curated and installed twenty-two exhibits. Locally, I am a showing artist for the St. Charles Art Council neXt Gallery and a non-residence member of Water Street Studios; most recently showing in the Energy exhibit at Fermilab Art Gallery, Batavia; and member of the Illinois Artisan Program. My artwork can be found at: www.BitArtWorks.com and student work, papers, and other projects are at: www.iit.edu/~krawczyk