Rebecca Levitan


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Rebecca Levitan
About the author

Rebecca Levitan is a Brooklyn, New York, based artist. After receiving a B.A. in fine arts in 2012 from Harvard University, Rebecca traveled throughout the Middle East and India on a yearlong purposeful traveling fellowship from the university. Those explorations, and her continuing passion for traveling and foreign languages, inform her work. Rebecca’s art spans two-dimensional media, from printmaking to drawing to painting, united by her continued attempt to make sense of the visual world around her: sights seen while traveling; the inspiring art of Indian miniature paintings, Japanese woodblock prints, and Northern Renaissance miniatures; and the constant onslaught of photographic and televised images and advertisements that are impossible to escape. Her work grapples with painting’s place post-photography in this jumbled visual world, but finds joy in the freedom and possibility that comes with the access to the whole world’s visual culture. Her work has been featured in a number of publications, and has been exhibited in galleries in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Brooklyn, New York.