Rachel Manley


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Rachel Manley
About the author

Originally from North Carolina, currently living in Tunisia Bold images hitting on heavy topics are typical of Rachel Manley's work. A contemporary artist, Rachel currently lives in Northern Africa with her husband and daughter. Her art reflects this unique perspective, a parallel world. She translates her experiences and observations into thought provoking metaphor with vibrant use of color and sometimes child-like themes. Rachel's Sketchbook 2010-2011 series (Guide to Being an Expat: It will be fun, I swear.) has been featured in a national tour and is part of the Brooklyn Art Library permanent collection. Rachel is also the Fine Arts Partner of the Save the Cord Foundation. Her painting, Birth, is the flagship image for educational campaigns conducted by the Save the Cord Foundation. It is also featured in public and private exhibits nationwide on the Foundation's behalf. Rachel holds a B.A. in International Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a bilingual M.B.A. from the prestigious French business school, HEC Paris.