Rachael Vaters-Carr


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Rachael Vaters-Carr
About the author

Obsessed with volcanoes and eruptive forces, I find myself particularly drawn to those images that highlight the aftermath of highly destructive and eroded forces in the landscape. These abrupt changes and shifts in the landscape are not unlike the sudden interruption of life-changing events. Throughout my topographic forms, I highlight the contrast of surface structure between landmasses that are forged by activity beneath the surface (internal) compared to those that are formed above (external). In the reliefs, I am concerned with sequence and still-frame action as the event unfolds - a sort of snap-shot from memory. Informed by real locations, my sculptural landscapes are primarily invented, a fabricated window on the world, leaving the viewer to reflect. I desire a viewing space that is at once intimate and expansive, and I see my works as self-portraits that explore a vast well of emotional and physical terrain. They are intimate explorations that evoke a sense of memory, stillness, and solitude.