Samantha Churchill


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Samantha Churchill
About the author

Samantha Churchill received a BFA in 2004 from the Maine College of Art starting her professional career in Tampa early 2007. Driven away from accepted collegiate principles and choosing wire sculpture as a rebellious move from traditional materials, the creation of contemporary industrial eco-sculpture proves to be a malleable, light-weight, durable and weatherproof medium. There are no lines in nature, only edges. “The less rhetoric the better. A piece of Art must speak for itself; it is its’ own soapbox, and an expression of taste, decor, and humor.” Preferring others to have their own interpretations of her art saying, “When a piece of art is hanging on the wall, one likes it and buys it because it speaks to them.” Using an inorganic material to form a portrayal of a living entity, in a creative form, represents the possibilities of the living. The aluminum wire is renewed as people, a 3 dimensional representational of her human figure sketches. Proud of her website and busy with gallery showings in Milan, Manhattan and especially Miami, Samantha enjoys when people buy the art, as that is a true testament to them loving the piece and wanting to keep it as their own. Thank you for considering her portfolio at; where all the sculptures are named Frank.