Stacy Elko


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Stacy Elko
About the author

Since leaving Ohio in 1988, my travels abroad have since led me to many places with experiences good and bad that have changed me irreparably. During a ten-year residence in Morocco I worked as both a Peace Corps volunteer and as an exhibiting artist. Later I returned to this country feeling very much a stranger with different perceptions and expectations. I wandered through Europe, lived in Poland, Providence and Boston and later Bloomington, Indiana with Graduate School. Years later, I have found myself again in the most unlikely of places, Lubbock, TX. In these past years I have begun to explore the environment of this place and once again have become keenly interested in educating people through the art. The one most important thing that I have learned from traveling and living in different countries, is how the power of art can affect people. I keep this in my mind as I make art that not only will challenge a viewer's long held conceptions of art and their world opinions, but also to break through the often elitist, class held barriers of art and maximize accessibility. I have come to Texas from a variety of different experiences and places, which have colored my perceptions of art and its role in the world. I gather more experiences from most interesting and strange places with which to further entrench myself in the uniqueness of this place.