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Stephen Futral
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SHORT BIO At 17, I lived in Israel for a year, studying at The Betzalel School of Art and Design in Jerusalem and spending time with Yona Mach, a famous Israeli artist who was my mentor. At the end of the year I spent a month in Ein Hod, an art colony outside of Haifa overlooking the Mediterranean. In that month I developed a portfolio and with that in hand was accepted at Parsons, Pratt and the School for Visual Arts in NYC. I went to The Art Students League, The New School for Social Research and Hunter College, after which I was accepted at Cooper Union, NYC. Five years later I flew from NYC to Rome and went by land to India. I returned after a year and started 2 Integral Yoga Institutes for Swami Satchidananda. I traveled throughout the USA and lived in Vermont for 7 years before moving to Boulder, Colorado, where I’ve raised my family for the past 31 years. 15 MINUTES OF FAME While living at Ein Hod, in Israel, I met Martha Graham and Jean Arp, whose cottage I whitewashed. I decaled a Rolls-Royce with Peter Max for 3 days, this vehicle is featured in his newest book on a 2 page spread. I was featured in GQ magazine as manager of “The Electric Lotus, ” a light show store in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. I did a TV commercial with Bert Stern (Libra Studios) for Utica Club beer. I was on stage at Woodstock, opening the festival with Swami Satchidananda, chanting OM. I’m also in the movie assisting Swamiji into a tent. I spent time in India and Europe with Felix Caviliere of the Young Rascals. I massaged James Taylor backstage before a concert in Dallas, Texas. I was assistant Art Director for Marty Scorsese’s first Hollywood film, called Box-Car Bertha. SHOWS I won the top Design Award for Jewelry at the prestigious Rhinebeck Show at Duchess County Fairgrounds, NY. I held a one-man show at A La Carte restaurant, held over for 2 months, Boulder, CO. I held a one-man show at United Bank, Boulder, CO. I had an ongoing show at the Burgundy Café, Boulder, CO. I was in a group show at Nalanda University, Boulder, Colorado called "The Ripple Effect." I placed a painting in the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art for a fundraiser. GIFTS Steve and Karen Ritchie Janina Futral Ariella Futral and Erik Lindstrom Nick and Michelle Igel Paige Carmichael COLLECTIONS Russ and Kathy Dalbey Ms Alexandra Eason ARTIST’S STATEMENT I try to combine my formal training with the spontaneity and passion of what drives me to create. Sometimes the influences in my work are illustrated by a feeling of “joie de vivre, ” or by my travels and the ardors of the spiritual path. There is always some struggle or tension of balancing body, speech and mind that comes through. My work is often based on “first thought” as intensity, with passionately bright colors as urgency. Spiced into this can be found a sense of humor, that at times, perceives some sort of cosmic joke. I usually like experimenting with technique and there tends to be a striking statement of freedom and immediacy, combined with an attention to detail that borders on compulsion. If, in the end, the viewer comes away with some sense of satisfaction, upliftedness, smile on one’s face or a negative reaction, then I hope I’ve accomplished some “meeting of the minds” by viewing my art. However the actual creative process is very relaxing, joyful and meditative for me. There’s a one-pointedness that allows me to be fully in the moment with the process.