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susan graeber
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i have been encouraged to paint since childhood;graduated from the Bryn Mawr school in Baltimore where the arts were nutured, attended the Boston Museum School for one year,then graduated from Maryland Institute with a fine arts degree. Have been very influenced by the works of many painters who are colorists and seem to notice things in day to day life that would be overlooked,such as Vulliard's interiors,or Wayne Tiebolts pie paintings,or Fairfield Porters still lives of an breakfast table with left overs,and the views from the window......these artists and their views catch my eye,as well as that small sliver of light that might hit a barn edge,or a field right before a rain storm. I have been fortunate to have travelled a bit in Europe when my familiy was transferred from Maryland to Belgium during my college years,and was able to see so much art first hand during that time.....I now share a warehouse studio with another plein air painter in Baltimore,and paint mostly in Maryland,Maine where we return annually for a few weeks,and New Mexico. I have been in several competitions,and have received awards. I am a terrible business person with promoting my work,and someone suggested i try this program.......thank you for reviewing......