Shabnam Mottaghi


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Shabnam Mottaghi
About the author

Shabnam Mottaghi was born at 1972 in Tehran, Iran and later immigrated to US. Since her teen years, she recognized her interest in art and started to train with well-known art instructors in Painting, Calligraphy, Sculpture, Graphic and Music for 20 years, while she chose painting as her major art activity. Social issues have been one of her main concerns and based on her artistic trends, she studied Bachelor of Social Sciences at the university and completed her studies in Master of Graphic, while continuing her artistic career as a painter. In two decade of her art career, Shabnam Mottaghi has participated in more than 20 group and 8 solo exhibitions in US, France and Iran. She has published three books and two research papers in art and creativity for children and in 2006 her book "The Store and Me" won the illustration award in International Children Book Competition in US. Besides painting, exhibiting her artworks and teaching, she continues to illustrate and write books for children and is expected to be releasing a new book by spring 2016. Publications: Book: The Best Paintings of the World, Writer,Illustrator,Researcher - 2015 Thesis: Posters of the Iran’s Children Festival during last two decade, Writer,Researcher - 2014 Book: The world around my office, Narrator - 2011 Article: Digital Painting for Children, Writer,Researcher - 2004 Article: The Importance of Creativity in Education, Writer,Researcher - 2003 Book: Paper Zoo and Me, Writer,Researcher - 2003 Book: Me and Store, Writer,Researcher - 2003 Thesis: Creativity Concept in Research, Writer,Researcher - 1997 For more information, please check: