Sharon Reeber

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Sharon Reeber
About the author

A native New Yorker, Sharon Reeber is an artist and art historian in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Her work in painting, mixed media, and printmaking draws from a variety of sources, including observation of the natural environment, world landscape painting and mandala traditions, and color theories. Full of vitality and a little mystery, these invented worlds are ultimately metaphors for spiritual perceptions distilled from American midwestern landscape imagery. Reeber has traveled and studied in Europe and Asia. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in corporate and private collections in the U.S. and Europe, including Kaiser-Permanente (Kansas City) and Gleiss-Lutz (Stuttgart). Reeber currently teaches at Missouri Western State University and the Kansas City Art Institute. She holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri – Kansas City and B.A. from Tufts University, and studied at the Eberhard-Karls Universitaet in Tuebingen, Germany. For more images and information, see: