James (JD) Peppers

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James (JD) Peppers
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SCULPTOR JD PEPPERS Just as a child prodigy holds a violin in their hands for the first time and plays a concerto, JD Peppers held metal in his hands and realized an inherent gift in creating sculptures of unsurpassed beauty, unusual perception and complete originality. He is inspired by his wife Leslie, a modern minimalist painter, abstract expressionist, Wassily Kandinsky and cubist, David Smith. Peppers painstakingly attends to the minuteness of details, achieving a flawlessness that amazes. The sculptures are by no means redundant. Each piece of fine art by this artist has a personality all its' own. Some petite and others grand in their size, ranging through the disciplines of modern, cubist, the French decorative arts and realism. Yet the style is completely recognizable, with each sculpture possessing absolute harmony. The mark of true genius. Years of technical experience found their place. Stainless steel is a most difficult metal to sculpt in. The sculptor has the material look as if it yielded with ease to his wishes, hand bending and forming the cold metal into masterful works of art. Each sculpture represents a labor of love by Peppers. They reflect years of dedication to the arts and a desire to create. The artist clearly is destined to be one of the foremost sculptors of his time and beyond. JD Peppers is originally from Palm Beach, Florida and was born in March of 1961. He and his family currently reside on the Texas coast. These sculptures are designed and created entirely by the artist in high-grade stainless steel at his private studio, where he has created commissions for Transocean and Carolyn Farb. His sculptures have been displayed in Chanel Boutiques and are in prominent collections, i.e: Bob McNair - owner of the Houston Texans and Continental Airlines.