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Stacy Vosberg
About the author

Stacy Vosberg has been an artist as long as she can remember. An early family photo shows her at about four years old, at the living room coffee table, already with a paint brush in her hand. For Stacy, creating art has never been a conscious choice or an option. Rather, it is her unique wellspring of creativity that truly defines her as a person. And the process of creating art comes as naturally to her as spoken language. As a child who was born and raised in Southern California, Stacy was fascinated by stories that she read about Hawaii and the islands of the South Seas and the Caribbean. She often dreamed of living and working in the tropics, and at age 19, she hired on with the famous Windjammer Cruises. This was her dream job: she sailed through a series of tropical paradises, worked at various jobs on the ship, and in her spare time, she continually drew and painted her impressions of what she saw. It was during that period that Stacy’s unique painting style began to fully develop. Later, she relocated to Honduras and worked on a private sailing charter in the Bay Islands, where she continued to record her experiences on canvas and paper. Stacy has consistently developed her artistic skills throughout her life. Today, her deep respect for the beauty and diversity of nature, and her lifelong interest in travel to exotic locales, is evident in her painterly depictions of the verdant foliage, sparkling waters, lush colors, and the quiet scenes of everyday life in the Hawaiian Islands, the tropics, in Europe, and in the southwestern United States. Stacy’s colorful paintings, drawings and murals are represented in numerous public and private fine art collections throughout the United States, Europe, Central America, Japan, and Australia. Stacy lives on the lush island of Maui and continues global travel venues that continue to inspire and enhance her creativity.