Thomas Keller


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Thomas Keller
About the author

Every moment is a moment to create beauty. To transform a space into something inspiring, uplifting and charged with energy; or to add a piece, a sculpture into a space and bring the surrounding structures into a collective new dynamic whole piece. Life is art. Create, love, live. I began creating art at the demand of my soul to wake up and create. My life as a building contractor was no longer big enough for my spirit. My intention is to create art that opens people to expand their concepts of themselves, others and their position in the world. I love working in wood because of the intense feminine power contained in the grain. The continuous curving of the wood grain creates its own pattern. Often this pattern imprints on my original vision of a piece, and my sculpture becomes a cooperative partnership between me and the wood, ultimately expressing something which is bigger than either one of us individually could be. I also love painting with pastels, a medium of pure crystals. Thousands of pigmented crystals form together to create a painting that reflects light out. Finally, travelling to sacred sites of ancient cultures such as Egypt, Peru and Central America has influenced and expanded my use of visual images. I love to tie the history of a region into a modern vision for a piece of art. It’s as if these ancient structures were left to remind us of something. I am entirely self taught and living in Atlanta, Georgia.