Artistic Biography: Ever since I was five years old, I remember having the inclination and the vision of creative interests. At that very young age I was shaping a piece of wood into a spin-top "trompo" and cut my left hand with a "machete", in the spot where the left index finger joins the upper hand. After the age of seven I remember observing the starry night sky since there was no electricity in my town in the Dominican Republic, so I felt like I was able to reach the stars or the moon lite panorama that surrounded my house. I also remember going to church at that age and questioning the purpose of the church itself and the feeling of not belonging. I mean, so many poor of the poorest people packed the church and the very few that did have something always sat in the first bench near the altar. At the age of twelve I started doing handmade craft From the late twenties up until the present I have dedicated my energy to develop and create artistic impressions. So far I have accumulated about 120 paintings, mostly oil on linen. Based on the DaVinci teachings it takes about twenty years of practice and observation for the development of an Artistic mind. So considering such dedication, I still have a few more years of learning. My favorite subject is Mother Teresa of Calcutta based on her lifelong dedication to reach out with huge passion and help the very souls nobody wanted. Her image is seared into my soul as a God-like figure and I have been fortunate to have met or grew up around people of such caliber. I started doing a portrait of Mother Teresa in 2003 and up this year I have done six. My intention is that as long as I live or able to paint, I will do one portrait of her each and every year that I'm alive as my legacy. But more important, to Mother Teresa legacy of helping and reaching out to those in dare need. But today as we move forward in this young millennium, we wish to have a few more Mother Teresa in our turbulent planet As an artists and humanitarian I feel deeply about all the wars, housing, hunger and few other issues that have plagued humanity for thousands of years. And to think of it as a practical benefit for all, just by eliminating war along will eliminate most of our planet perils, borders, hunger and most of the illness that has plagued our humanity for years. I would like to think that before we destroy our planet, humanity will discover the path to eliminate such evil machinery. Future generations are depending on us. Also, the issue of our planets environment needs to be addressed in order for our planet to survive as we know it today. The generations that have yet to be born are already in pain. In my art as limited as it may be, is a true rendering of a window of my soul and my will to allow dreams to become part of the essence of my life. And a lifelong wish is that we humans allow ourselves to live peaceful, fruitful and caring life so that the future of this Earth is secure of harm from us humans; as for the past, my dead bed will be the ocean of tears shed by the victims of an unjustly society. I pray tee with all humility. Iggy Molina
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