Margaret "Meg" Wicker Azzoni was born in New York City. She studied architecture and art at Princeton University where she received her Master’s degree in Architecture. Meg began experimenting with painting in her first year of Architecture school. The fluidity of painting provided “a relief from the rigid lines of the architectural drawings.” While working in New York for various architects and finally herself, she began using watercolors as they took less time to dry and didn’t give off fumes so she could sleep in her one room studio. She works on paper with watercolor paints and pencil. The mobility of the medium proved valuable, especially in “plein air” work. Meg’s subjects are often homes and interiors. The patterns and colors of Vuillard and Matisse inspired much of her work. The most notable qualities in her pictures are composition, pattern-making and detail. While a painting of a lighthouse or room interior presents a whole composition, entire unto itself, there is the implication of space beyond the borders of the image. The paintings can serve the secondary purpose of helping a client to visualize the interior –or exterior- of a home design. An extrapolation of G. I. Gurdjieff’s ideas about classical art from his book “Views from the Real World” describe art as scientific in that it sought to instruct, record or perhaps serve as a prayer (I think he refers to it as magic). A sculpture of a man recorded anatomy, drawings of the galaxy documented the stars. Other pictures could be read as a book, which they did not write, or viewed as a film, which they did not make. Meg’s work may describe a house design or document a night dream. She “strives to communicate and create”. AWARDS Washington Square Juried Outdoor Art Exhibit, Second Prize, 2010 Garnet Award –23rd Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, Old Forge Arts Center, Old Forge, NY, 2004 Joseph M. Shanley Architectural Design Memorial Prize, Princeton University 1981 SOLO EXHIBITS The Southport Library , West Southport, Maine 2003, 2006 Cataumet Arts Center, Bourne, Massachusetts 2004 Gold/Smith Gallery, Boothbay Harbor, Maine 1996
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