I am a 1986 graduate of Fine Arts from the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria and presently living and working in the United States. I have worked as a journalist in the field of cartooning and illustration and also in the advertising industry as an illustrator. Presently I am a studio artist and I have had exhibitions of my art around the world specifically in Germany, Nigeria, Switzerland, the United States and in Trinidad and Tobago among others. My art has, in recent years, explored the traditional and indigenous indigo art produced by Yoruba women in Nigeria In pursuit of this project, I have produced works that seek to reinterpret the indigenous arts of the local women as contemporary art. The works I have produced have been exhibited at the Mizel Museum in Denver and the University of Texas, Austin. Simultaneously, my practical research into the fiber arts of the Yoruba people is an ongoing project that re-presents the traditional art of Yoruba women as both a means of livelihood and social protest. Recently, I have been a recipient of the Phillip L. Ravenhill Fellowship award at the UCLA in 2006 and a Pollock Krasner award in the year 2009
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