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Janet Sellers
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Janet Sellers was born in an artist community town, Laguna Beach. From childhood, she was surrounded by art, artists, and natural beauty. "I think I was born with a paintbrush in my hand, because ever since I can recall, I've enjoyed making a difference in the world through my art. I have traveled the world making art and sharing it with people of all ages and cultures. 'While I've been teaching art for many years to every age of student, I never tire of the basics in art and seeing how light works in our world and sharing that. Most of my students are now professionals in their fields, not only in art and film, but also in medicine, research, engineering and music. I know that making art and generating their imagination from idea to fulfillment, will be a part of their lives always." Sellers' public art work has been seen and enjoyed by literally tens of millions of art lovers. On site locally or around the world, on international television as well as in newspapers and on film, she exhibits her public artworks in various mediums (murals, fiber work/costumes and more). In Colorado alone, since 2007, millions of visitors a year have been able to see her public art works on exhibit in the cities of Lone Tree, Loveland, Longmont, Pueblo, Monument, and Colorado Springs. Since 1985, Sellers' work continues to join the international art world via public and private art exhibitions. At her fine arts studio in Monument, Colorado, Sellers and her staff work in a variety of fine art disciplines for sculpture and murals. Sellers' public art and design work is among an elite group of artists with public and private art works in several media including concrete sculpture, glass, and monumental acrylic resin murals. She is one of a handful of public artists to design and complete the outdoor murals from the Los Angeles,CA 1980 mural era. Commissions and collections include large city public art murals and private art collections, as well as private collections for her outdoor art sculptures. Sellers and her studio staff have completed more than 20 site-specific works in the United States and Japan, Mexico and China, with budgets of their various professional projects ranging from $3000 to $1-5M. Sellers' works are created in low maintenance materials with an eye to stellar design and impact. Her studios offer superb art and architectural works created to last tens, and even hundreds, of years.