Tanner Rhines


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Tanner Rhines
About the author

Tanner Jackson Rhines (born 1995) is an American visual artist from Fairbanks, Alaska, who specializes in black and white cartoon works, a style he refers to as Condentionism. Self defined by the artist as a psychological matrix of characters and life energies, the Condentions are meant to celebrate the life of the viewer, and the spaces they occupy in reality. Rhines began drawing at the age of 3, and knew early in his adolescence he wanted to pursue a career in art. “The works I create serve as the visual renderings of my thoughts, moods, and experiences of time, compiled into a singular happening. Condentionism is meant to explore infinite growth within a neutral space of endless potentials. I would describe my influences as a mixture of science fiction, specific elements of adventure, and the scalability of organic life.” In 2015, Tanner was chosen from 350,000 entries to receive Scholastic Art and Writing's prestigious Gold Medal Portfolio. This award placed him in the company of previous recipients, including Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Cy Twombly, Steven King, and Robert Redford among others. In 2016, Tanner was shortlisted in the International Emerging Artist Award, hosted in Dubai, and was featured at CICA Museum, South Korea for The International Exhibition on Conceptual Art. Tanner has had work included for two consecutive years in the Art.Write.Now. tour across the United States, in addition to having pieces displayed in Washington DC at the Department of Education, as well as the President's Office for the Committee on Arts and Humanities. In 2018, Tanner was named Artist of the Week by Elevision Media, a digital advertising platform based in Dubai. In 2020, Rhines created artwork for Alaska Airlines that was put on display at the Seattle- Tacoma International Airport in Washington. Tanner's unique style and work has been praised by professionals and industry insiders as showing a level of talent and creativity rare among emerging artists. Tanner plans to further develop his skills and body of work, as he continues to create art in Alaska.