“Life itself is an art form and the ability to create allows me to express who I am.” Clara Angelina Diaz Becoming conscious of my talents and intentionally setting out to develop them brought me to one of the most important realizations of my existence, so far. If I allow that which we call Life, God, Devine Energy or my Higher Power to unfold through my work and who I am, beautiful creative events which I like to call miracles, will manifest. My life, my ability to create and develop my talents through art is an example of this. Through art I strive to interpret my highest joy of being a constantly evolving and growing human being. For me, art making has gone from being a childhood pass time to a communicative tool from the Devine that allows me to take my most complex dreams, experiences and ideas into a beautiful thought provoking image and mirror of my unconscious mind. My work is not only influenced by the Caribbean heritage of my place of birth, the Dominican Republic, but it also draws from diverse childhood and adult experiences. My goal is to contribute to humanity as a whole by acknowledgment of the unique artist and creator; the I AM in all of us. My work is an exercise in the notion that one’s true heart’s desire can be made manifest if it contributes to the highest good and that each person’s experience is unique in nature, therefore meaningful and necessary to the unfolding of who you are and will ever be. For after all, doing what you like is freedom and liking what you do is happiness. I define myself as an Artist.Creator.Facilitator.Consultant.Connector. Creative Entrepeneur “Doing what you like is Freedom, liking what you do is Happiness” - Chinese Fortune Cookie
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