J. Matthew Thomas’s work utilizes the tools of the architect in the investigation of patterns. Matt’s current work explores the making and breaking of patterns using reclaimed materials. Receiving his Bachelors in Architecture from Kansas State University and his Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University in New York City, Matt continues the tradition of designing order in our built environment, yet, explores this pattern-making through the manipulation of process, scale, and material. Matt made Taos his home in 2003 where he conducted his architecture internship, receiving his license to practice in 2009. Studio Taos was born several years later to house his adventures in various creative pursuits. Matt was recently awarded the Visionary Artist Award by the Peter & Madelaine Martin Foundation for the Creative Arts, featured in TREND Magazine, and included in the exhibition: "Song of the West-Contemporary Artists of NM", in KOHI-Kulturraum, Germany.
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