WWW.PB-ARTIST.COM BIOGRAPHY Born in 1985, Parker Beaudoin is Palm Beach, Florida's newest upcoming abstract/pop art artist. Ever since Parker was able to hold a crayon, his life has been surrounded by art. Through the multitude of struggles he has faced, art has always been there. It is a way to escape, a way to express, and a way to give hope to others. From intriguing abstract works to realistic styles brought to life, Parker's work is meant to be inspiring and enlightening to anyone who views it. At a young age, hardship hit with the divorce of his parents which turned into a downward spiral, leaving him to live on the streets with nothing. Finding safe refuge in art, it lead him to a life creating permanent pieces of artwork on others in the form of tattooing. Working his way from the bottom up, his apprenticeship started at the age of 14. By 18, he had become a professional tattoo artist. Up until present day, not only has Parker transformed a negative to a positive, but he has strived to become the best at his trade. Winning numerous awards, along with countless features, both national and international, Parker has also written and published a book on the art of tattooing. He additionally achieved setting a world record for the smallest tattoo in the world of a Monet painting in 2009, at the size of a quarter. Since doing so, Parker has also established a well-known and reputable tattoo studio in Palm Beach. As of this year, he was featured in the NBA Miami Heat Nation 2015 season intro commercial. Misfortune struck in May of 2014. Parker's health has taken a hit through discovering numerous genetic diseases, depreciating his everyday operation of tattooing due to the extreme pain. Through many doctors, medications, and physical therapy, the only relief he found was through painting. Painting is a way for him to relieve his daily struggles while being constructive and creative in a positive manner. It is a way he share's beauty and joy with the world, one painting at a time while spreading hope and inspiration to others. Parker has created an art book called The Abstract Alphabet for children, with part of the proceeds to be donated to the St. Jude Children's Hospital. Even through his struggles, Parker is humble and willing to help anyone he can, donating 25 percent of his current earnings to the children. Parker's artwork has inspiration from quite a few different artists. Two artists that have influenced his life from a young age are Keith Herring and Peter Max. Parker works with a range of mediums, from drawings and sketches to watercolors and acrylics. His style is a range from abstract and pop art to modern realist. He takes the basic ideas of symbols and everyday things and creates an image that becomes appealing to the beholder. From his bright, bold, vivid colors and abstract shapes it brings a new vision to each viewer, and gives feelings of emotions and comfort. His artwork was also published in the 2015 Hidden Treasure art magazine yearbook. ARTIST STATEMENT My work expresses the simplistic things in life and modern culture and captures them in abstract form with a realistic touch of elegance. I convey a balance of uniformity between a complex arrangement with the use of colors and shapes, combined with the boldness of recognizable emblems. Created with the application of watercolors and oils, I strive to involve the viewer with bright colors and a sense of familiarity to capture their attention and implement their mind. Ever since I was able to hold a crayon, I was always involved in art. Through the multitude of struggles in life, art has always been there and given me hope. From intriguing abstract works to realistic styles brought to life, my work is meant to be inspiring and enlightening to anyone who views it. I currently live and work in Palm Beach , Florida.   GALLERIES, EXHIBITIONS, AND PUBLICATIONS  -ART FUSION GALLERIES - ARTIST REPRESENTATION - MIAMI, FL -HIDDEN TREASURES ART MAGAZINE - FEATURED ARTIST -HIDDEN TREASURE ART MAGAZINE - YEARBOOK 2015 -PUBLISHED - "A" IS FOR ABSTRACT, THE ABSTRACT ALPHABET -"Abstract Art" - July 2015 - Contemporary Art Gallery Online Inc -"Botanicals" - August 2015 Show - Colors of Humanity Art Gallery -"Dig It" - Abstract 2015 show - Artist table Art Gallery -"Wet Paint" - September 2015 Show - Colors of Humanity Art Gallery -"Open" - Special Recognition - Art Exhibition - Light Space &Time Gallery -"Open" - Runner-up - Art Contest - Artavita Art Gallery
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