Cigarette butts, acorns, mini video screens, and plastic are just some of the materials Julie Easton uses to create provocative work that radiates beauty and elegance. The artist is actively engaged in a practice of making art that places everyday materials at the center of meaning in her work. Committed to a variety of disciplines, her sculptures, works on paper and installations exemplify her view of the world in which the mundane often becomes extraordinary. The I Ching says, "The most perfect grace consists not in external ornamentation, but in allowing the original material to stand forth, beautified by being given form." Trained as a formalist, her work is substantially about texture and structure; however it is the concept, whether conceived or intuited, that informs and directs Easton's use of materials. In viewing the artist's current work, the audience is propelled to question current environmental and social practices. Her concerns are often best articulated through work that juxtaposes organic with man-made materials.
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